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Mountain DesignBUILD (Mountain Builders) is responsible for some of the most amazing residences that can be found in Park City.  Our designs and execution of the designs set us apart from the competition.  We are excited to be able to bring innovation, style and superior comfort to the Park City market.

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Smart home technology is better and more diverse than it has ever been.  The options and products are abundant and can be confusing.  You can control and monitor all systems for your smartphone.  We have done the research and have the experience to navigate this landscape and design in as little or as much home automation as our clients want.

Technical Materials

We are interested in knowing about the most up-to-date innovations in building materials.  Major advances in house wrap, insulation, decking and siding are out there.  We go outside the box to learn about and then incorporate these new materials.

Architectural Forms

Mountain contemporary, mountain modern or mountain industrial are all phrases that articulate the style of our homes.  It is a delicate balance to incorporate non-traditional forms into Park City architecture.  Our products embody this balance.  We have progressive modern and industrial aspects that blend well with traditional structures.

Inspiring Finishes

We design and construct custom staircases, trusses, barn doors and structural metal finishes.  Our team can create just about anything.   We can  bring new ideas to life.

"THE SHIZZLE" - Recent projects that make us proud

3142 Crosstie

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469 Ontario

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2369 Merrimak

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3200 Daybreaker

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429 Ontario

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